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Topicality with the agricultural purse


Which are the stakes of an agricultural purse in Togo?

An agricultural purse is a process which supports the starting of the agricultural produce in order to ensure a greater fluidity of the exchanges between production zone and consumption.

The agricultural purse allows confrontation between the supply and of the agricultural produce. It is only in this moment that the operators can express their produced quantities and the quantities to be bought. Then the transactions are concretized.

The agricultural purse thus will make it possible to:

- facilitate the transactions,
- the fluidity of the commercial transactions
- avoid the price-cuttings of the agricultural produce,
- ensure the provisioning of the agricultural produce near the consumers,
- increase food safety in all the directions of the terms,
- increase the purchasing power of the agricultural producers,
- ensure the transport of the agricultural produce of the production zones to the consumers,
- increase the quality of the agricultural produce,
- found standards for the products.

Which are the 3 main objectives of such a structure?

I can summarize the 3 main objectives of the purse in these terms:

1- Confrontation of supply and demand to release an equilibrium price in order to allow the producers to run out their products at a handsome price and the purchasers to secure a serene provisioning at a stable price on the court and medium term.
2- To give a legibility to the produced quantities and the quantities bought in order to attract the private sector investments towards the peasants.
3- The agricultural purse makes it possible to increase food safety, as I mentioned above and to make safe the delivery of the agricultural produce.

Which operation is designed to collect reliable information on behalf of the agricultural organizations?

To collect reliable information on behalf of the agricultural organizations, we envisaged to install 3 types of purses:

-the prefectoral purse,
-the regional exchange,
-the national purse.

For the installation of the purse in Togo we will follow the following stages:

-the prefectoral purse

Cabinet AEC will organize various types of purses: The pre purses with cereals constitute the preparatory phase. They are organized at the beginning of countryside to inform and prepare rural organizations (COp) with the exchanges which will be concretized at the time of the purses. They will gather participants and make it possible to evaluate supply and demand (grouping), to calculate the cost prices of cereals and to prepare the COp with the techniques of negotiation.

a) Installation of the regional exchanges

The regional exchanges will have mini-purses by cereal in the capitals of the five areas (Lome, Atakpamé, Sokodé, Kara, Dapaong). The regional exchanges are organized inside an area and relate to all cereals. They gather forty participants and facilitate the provisioning of the overdrawn pockets starting from the surplus pockets, within the same area.

b) A national purse

The national purse will be localised in Lome. It will supervise the organization of the regional exchanges and the prefectoral purses, it will exploit the part of intermediary between the salesmen and the purchasers all the extent of the national territory.

This purse supports the cereal transactions and informs the operators. Conference-debates will be proposed by specialists on the production, the trend of prices, the invitations to tender, the methods of identification of the zones at the risk, the legislations commercial, the quality of the grains, etc

c) Operations on the purse

Prefectoral purse

One day of the week often the market day will be selected to organize the exchanges between purchasers and salesmen. The operators will come to settle the market-day day before.

Regional exchange

It will gather all supply and demand of the prefectoral purses.

National purse

It will count all supply and demand available in all the areas.

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